Advertising Opportunities
Advertising Opportunities
If you are a Black or Brown-owned business or a business who targets Black and Brown communities with a positive message, beneficial products or services, and value our communities (not just our spending power), we invite you to consider advertising with us.

Current advertising opportunities include:
Episode Sponsor
  • 1 Sponsor shout out at the top of the show
  • 2 Video commercial spots (up to 30 seconds each, provided by sponsor) or 2 Audio commercial spots (up to 30 seconds each, script provided by sponsor)
  • 1 2 to 3-minute discussion on the company, product/service by the show's co-hosts (optional, and may require submission of sample product, etc) 
  • 1 Sponsor shout out at the end of the show, including a call to action to visit a URL provided by sponsor

Investment: $500

    Segment Sponsor
    • 1 segment (up to 10 minutes; can be interview, demonstration, or a combination of both)

    Investment: $250

    • 1 Video commercial spot (up to 30 seconds, provided by sponsor) or 1 Audio commercial spot (up to 30 seconds, script provided by sponsor)

    Investment: $100
    Additional Information:
    • The Coaches Are In is promoted by each of the show's co-hosts to their audiences, as well as to audiences of our featured experts on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn; including show clips, Behind the Scenes, and more.
    • The show is also promoted on the The Coaches Are in Instagram and Facebook pages, and on
    • Full episodes of the show are available on YouTube at TheCoachesAreIn.TV.
    For more information, contact us at hello at If you are ready to secure your spot, complete the sponsorship form by clicking the button below. 
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